Naama Grossbard

Executive Director


Naama is a guide, teacher, a queer woman and mother, a food grower and artist. She is committed to love and a future in which everyone has the opportunity to know their innate goodness. She has apprenticed in expanded states of consciousness work most of her life with her parents, Aharon Grossbard and Francoise Bourzat. Naama trained in the Consciousness Medicine approach formally in 2015. She has her BFA with a focus in conceptual art and abstract painting. In recent years she has turned her creativity towards birthing the Center for Consciousness Medicine in the service of healing, growth and systemic change.  Naama is the co-founder and Executive Director at The Center for Consciousness Medicine. She teaches and co-creates programs and curriculums. She lives in Nevada City in the Sierra foothills of California with her two young sons and partner. You can reach Naama at: