Kait Singley

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Kait delights in the delicious dynamism of life as a homesteader and sex educator, a grief walker and ecstatic dancer, a mystic and a pragmatist. With a lifelong spiritual practice of accessing the Divine through the body and connection to the natural world, she brings a fiercely loving commitment to the liminal and sometimes uncomfortable realms to guide and support her clients through transformation.


Kait and her work are offered with gratitude to the fields/lineages/schools of Hakomi, Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education, Bolads Kitchen, trauma healing, dance, erotic arts, bodywork, radical relating, consent communication, nature connection, ancestral skills & her indigeneuos elders and teachers in California & New Mexico, and to all at Tamera Peace Research & Education Center.

You can find out more about her work at: LivingEros.com & TreeofLifeinitiation.org