Dr. Susana Bustos

Susana Bustos

Susana Bustos, Ph.D., M.A in Clinical Psychology and in Music Therapy from Chilean universities, was director of the Spiritual Emergence Network in the U.S. from 2016-2020. She also teaches; conducts independent research on entheogenic shamanic traditions of the Americas; and holds a private integrative practice in Berkeley, CA. Her main focuses of teaching, clinical practice, and research revolve around the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness and their integration in ordinary life, as well as around adequately bridging Amerindian cosmologies and practices into the West. Susana carries an Ashaninkan lineage from the Upper Peruvian Amazon area, which informs her work. Susana has written several articles and book contributions on the interphase of shamanic song and healing and on entheogenic integration, and she teaches and lectures internationally on these topics.You can reach Susana at: www.roamingthemind.com