Dan Ahabrahamson



Daniel Abrahamson founded the Office of Legal Affairs of the Drug Policy Alliance – the foremost drug policy reform organization in the United States – where he served as Director of Legal Affairs for 18 years. Dan then served as the organization’s Senior Legal Advisor, developing special drug reform projects. During his tenure with DPA, he helped litigate civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts, several involving the federal Controlled Substances Act and access to appropriate treatment; co-authored several pieces of legislation at the local, state and federal levels in the U.S., including state statutes regulating the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical and adult use, laws increasing access to opioid medication assisted treatments, and California’s Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000 (at the time, the most sweeping criminal justice reform in that U.S. since the repeal of Alcohol Prohibition), and California’s Proposition 47 which de-felonized simple drug possession. In recognition and furtherance of his work, Mr. Abrahamson was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Developing Leadership in Reducing Substance Abuse fellowship. In 1996, Dan was appointed by the California Supreme Court to represent an inmate on California’s death row and has been fighting ever since to overturn his client’s wrongful conviction and sentence. Dan is delighted to join with the School of Consciousness Medicine and the Center for Consciousness Medicine to help bring the experiential practices and teachings — and the unparalleled therapeutic and ethical standards — of these organizations to the people of Oregon and beyond.