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CCM is now Gather Well Psychedelics

We’ve changed our name! Here’s why…


A New Vision

We are, as an organization, excited about the way things are taking form and the particular way we would like to bring a new vision to fruition. We shared this next bit of writing in the intro section in our letter to prospective Executive Directors and we wanted to post it as a blog as…

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An update on the ethicists review

We appreciate that this initiative has deepened and nuanced what ethics means to us and how it has emphasized how critical a comprehensive ethics infrastructure is to our own accountability to our community and our values.


An Update from CCM

We would like to provide our community with an update on our commitment to ethics in our teaching programs and our ongoing work to respond to recent allegations impacting our industry.  CCM is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its students and training practitioners. CCM designed its programs to model and teach the highest…


Some Facts About the Center for Consciousness Medicine

The Center for Consciousness Medicine is a not for profit 501c3 organization focused on education and advancing the safe, ethical, and legal practices of psychedelic-assisted therapy. While our field of practice has risen in popularity over recent years, a number of questions about our work and our organization remain.  Below are answers to common questions,…


Ethics and Psychedelic-assisted Therapy ~ The Responsibility of Taking the Guide Seat

I wish to share the following as executive director of The Center for Consciousness Medicine (CCM), and as the daughter of Aharon Grossbard and Francoise Bourzat, two of the people whose ethics have been in question. This time has been challenging for me on a personal level, and my commitment to the overall vision for…