Open Journal


Destigmatizing Plant Medicine

Thank you for joining me. First, I’d like to briefly introduce myself and frame this monthly open journal series. My name is Kabir and I work at CCM with a primary focus on communications and research. I’d like to use this space as an opportunity to share thoughts related to plant medicine, holistic healing, academic…


What is psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a potent vehicle for transformation and consciousness expansion. Let’s start by exploring what that means, how it is done, and what the benefits are.

Photo courtesy of Ricardo Gomez Angel

Harm Reduction & Psychedelic Experiences

CCM offers the following harm reduction principles in order to support the maintenance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual safety.


Open Journal with CCM co-founder, Naama Grossbard

This is the first in a series of introductions of the humans that are a part of The Center of Consciousness Medicine. We hope that in sharing, you get a feel for who we are, what our values are, and why this work is so important both to ourselves and the world we share. Can…


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council

The Center for Consciousness Medicine is leading the charge in creating safe, effective, accessible and inclusive practices for the legal use of entheogenic substances for healing and transformation. Our collective work aims to center and amplify the Indigenous lineage at the heart of this work. From our collective perspective, centering the traditional wisdom keepers of…



The Psychedelic movement is at an important juncture. Some of the medicines that are at the forefront of the psychedelic for healing revival are chemical (ie-Ketamine, MDMA, LSD) but many are botanical or fungal and are inseparable from their cultural contexts. Present day and historical indigenous cultures have been the stewards of the potent transformational…