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CCM is now Gather Well Psychedelics

We’ve changed our name! Here’s why…


A New Vision

We are, as an organization, excited about the way things are taking form and the particular way we would like to bring a new vision to fruition. We shared this next bit of writing in the intro section in our letter to prospective Executive Directors and we wanted to post it as a blog as…

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An update on the ethicists review

We appreciate that this initiative has deepened and nuanced what ethics means to us and how it has emphasized how critical a comprehensive ethics infrastructure is to our own accountability to our community and our values.

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Toward a safer psychedelic healing culture

We take client care very seriously. Thus, we have been searching to engage expert guidance from mental health and organizational ethicists that will serve to strengthen our program offerings and overall organization. After a challenging search to find someone who has both the professional expertise and caliber required for such an undertaking while also being…


The Value of Mentorship for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapists

The Value of Mentorship for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapists   The main intent of mentorship is to support and grow an honest, humble and safely practicing therapist or “guide.” Mentorship is ultimately in service of the wellbeing of the clients the guide/therapist serves. Mentors assist mentees (guides and psychedelic-assisted therapists who have agreed to a mentorship relationship)…


Self Regulation for Guides

Self Regulation for Guides   What it is and why it’s important Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and stabilize one’s own nervous system in order to maintain equilibrium and presence. When guides work with people who are having an expanded state experience, either from psychedelic-assisted therapy or other consciousness expanding modalities, it is especially…