Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council

The Center for Consciousness Medicine is leading the charge in creating safe, effective, accessible and inclusive practices for the legal use of entheogenic substances for healing and transformation. Our collective work aims to center and amplify the Indigenous lineage at the heart of this work. From our collective perspective, centering the traditional wisdom keepers of this lineage is the only way for this work to have a meaningful impact in our diverse modern world.

To support this effort, CCM has established a team of six (6) BIPOC community leaders, therapists, coaches and abolitionists who are working diligently to steer the organization and the field toward a more equitable and accessible future. This unique constellation of six BIPOC leaders allows for CCM to interrogate internalized assumptions and develop ways of working, both organizationally and within the emerging field, that decenter whiteness and uplift the experiences of BIPOC patients and practitioners. By redistributing the intense labor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work among a council of six, CCM is creating the environment needed for rapid internal and external transformation toward justice.

As CCM continues to grow and evolve inside of the emergent field, the innovative work of our DEI council will continue to set us apart from others. We hope to guide the way toward a psychedelic future that is radical in its inclusion, representative of the populations we seek to serve, and equitable every step of the way.

Check back often for updates on what The DEI Council is up to!