A Message from CCM

The Center for Consciousness Medicine has taken recent publications and conversations within the psychedelic field as an opportunity to make transparent CCM’s practices regarding the psychedelic therapy approach we teach, and to assess what may need to be changed. CCM does not take lightly the topics of power differentials and boundary transgressions. To that end, we have taken actions to ensure our staff is in alignment with our values as an organization.

CCM’s programs include but are not limited to teaching on the following topics:

  • Developing an inner sense of ethical orientation

  • Best practices regarding dual relationships, appropriate boundaries, and confidentiality

  • Informed consent about the risks and benefits of psychedelic therapy

  • Consent in relationship to the use of touch & the appropriate use of touch

  • The complexities of power dynamics inherent in the healing relationship

  • Skills specific to working with trauma generally, and specific to expanded states

To ensure students meet these standards, CCM requires multi year supervision and mentorship requirements for all psychedelic guide program graduates and for maintaining CCM certification.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and clients are our priority. CCM is in conversations with a professional ethicist who has no prior ties to the organization to conduct an audit of CCM’s existing policies, procedures and its developing ethical code. CCM is committed to implementing recommended improvements to strengthen our organization and the quality of our programs.

You can access our most recent statement as well as evolving statements HERE