Open Journal with Yecenia Miranda


Before we get started with some of the questions that we want to ask you, do you mind sharing what you do at CCM and what your position is?

My current title is “Admissions & Student Resource Support ” for The Center for Consciousness Medicine. I support incoming students and offer assistance to them with their admissions and application process.

Care to share a little bit about your overall experience with therapy and what you see as the unique potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy? 

I am a student of the CCM program and am excited about what I may learn as a student. I’ve just completed a year of weekly psychotherapy with an EMDR therapist and plan to continue. I can see some similarities between that and psychedelic-assisted therapy since they both work in a liminal space. In both, there is careful attention to the integration process. Some differences that I can pinpoint are psychedelic-assisted therapy having a very, very quick and far reaching effect. EMDR therapy is much more subtle and long term and a bit more of a process, so to speak.

Has there been any shadow work or any really big “aha” moments in your personal therapeutic practice that you would be comfortable sharing?

That’s a good question. Maybe one could be a sort of a fast growing fascination and almost a quality of wanting to be in that expanded space more and more. So there’s sort of a feeling sometimes of wanting to penetrate into these deeper psychic reserves, and maybe not always allowing for the spaciousness or the patience to let things unfold more slowly.

How have you witnessed expanded states of consciousness helping you with relating to yourself and to other people?

From my experience the clarity that has come has been very cogent and far reaching, and sort of unquestionable. There’s a feeling of accessing this very deep knowing. And so from that place it’s helped to inform certain big decisions in my life, specifically based on career and direction. I’ve seen myself really take initiative in these regards and have received a lot of feedback from the power place, the universe. There’s a lot that came through for me after asking these bigger questions around life purpose. And so I see myself building confidence in that regard and it’s affected my direction.

What led you to engage with the CCM community/organization?

To be honest, I feel like this work showed up for me, so to speak. It sounds cliche, but I had no prior experience when I was offered a position in the organization. Through my time here I have become deeply connected to the community and to the admissions process of helping student find a path that is right for them. I feel very fortunate to have been placed in this position to have the resources that allow me to engage in an ongoing therapy practice. I can say that now I’m choosing to be a part of this community because the values of the organization are 100% aligned with what I believe and what I’d like to see in the world. It feels really good to work for an organization that has the humanistic values that I have.

Can you speak about the values you see at CCM and what really resonates with you?

I can speak to the curriculum that we teach, a holistic model that encompasses all of the pieces that make human life worth living. I can speak to the culture of the organization which is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We are working to make our organization equitable and want this work to be truly accessible to larger communities. We want to exhibit this model from the inside out.

You had mentioned before, how you would love for your family and friends to have access to psychedelic-assisted therapy. What do you think the biggest potential for psychedelic-assisted therapy is?

From what the research suggests, it appears to offer a sense of wholeness and access to a connection with the divine that we all crave. It’s a way of tapping into that in order to make certain decisions, and using it as a framework to guide the way that we relate to each other, that we relate to this planet, and that we relate to ourselves. It’s pretty all encompassing sounding. 

Do you have any books that you’re currently reading that you’re really enjoying or do you have any favorite books that you’d like to share with everyone reading this?

That’s a tough one. I’m an avid reader. And I, frankly, do not have a lot of time for reading these days, but I’m jumping into CCM’s reading list enrolling in the program myself. 

I’m currently reading a book titled “The Rhythms of Women’s Desire”. I’m also taking some introductory midwifery courses in spring and that’s been a required text. So I’m learning quite a bit. Consciousness Medicine is up there! I felt such a deep resonance with it just as a way of living. Another beautiful book is “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. That’s probably an all time favorite. 

The last question is what are three things that bring you joy?

Let’s see, my son who’s seven and is full of energy! My life partner. Being in nature. I’m a woman of simple pleasures.