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CCM Lineage

CCM is rooted in a long lineage of indigenous healers and psychotherapist working with expanded states of consciousness.

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Weaving Worlds: Indigenous Traditions & Western Psychotherapy

Cross-cultural conversation, comparing Mazatec healing traditions and Western psychotherapy.

Eugenia Casimiro- Mazatec healer and Françoise Bourzat- guide & author In conversation w/ Ismail Ali of MAPS

CCM Founders

Aharon Grossbard

Aharon is an Israeli born psychologist, explorer and lover of life and consciousness. He has been trained as a clinical psychologist (CIIS) and medicine healer and has been working with clients, teaching, and training nationally and internationally for over 50 years in a holistic approach to healing and growth, integrating western psychology, body awareness, spiritual traditions from the east and west, together with shamanic wisdom and tools.

Francoise Bourzat

Francoise is a French born consciousness guide and counselor. She has a master’s degree in Somatic Psychology from New College of California and trained at the Hakomi Institute. She draws from years of close apprenticeship with her Mazatec teacher, as well as training in other indigenous traditions, providing an approach that bridges Western and indigenous modalities for healing and growth. She trains therapists and facilitators, has been an adjunct teacher at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), lectures internationally and has been in private practice for the last 30 years.

Naama Grossbard

Naama is a guide, teacher, mother, food grower, and artist. She has apprenticed in expanded states of consciousness work most of her life with her parents, Aharon and Francoise, and trained in the Consciousness Medicine approach formally in 2015. She has her BFA with a focus in conceptual art and abstract painting. In recent years she has turned her creativity towards creating containers for experiences in the service of personal growth and systemic change towards balance. Naama is the founder and Executive Director of the School of Consciousness Medicine. There she teaches and co-creates programs and curriculums. She lives in Nevada City in the Sierra foothills with her two young sons and partner.