PAT is a therapeutic approach to healing that combines the overall format and frameworks of the psychotherapeutic field and the use of psychedelic substances. Psychedelics can alter our brain chemistry in such a manner that they can help reveal, amplify or deconstruct unconscious perceptions, patterns and behaviors and reveal one’s inherent goodness or essential self, a sense of belonging and wholeness. The pairing of the psychotherapeutic framework with the effects of psychedelics, for those who can safely benefit, can often have an impressive effect of potentiating and accelerating the healing process that people are often seeking by engaging standard psychotherapy. Sessions can take a variety of forms, but generally, at minimum, include a phase of preparation involving meeting with an educated practitioner or therapist, the multi hour session where the client has ingested a psychedelic and experiences a non-ordinary state of consciousness in the presence of and supported by the therapist, and a phase of integration that involves meetings with the therapist to integrate the insights that arose. PAT can also be conducted in an ongoing standard format therapeutic relationship. PAT is currently legal in the United States with the use of Ketamine by prescription. MDMA, Psilocybin and other substances may be approved by the FDA to treat or manage various diagnoses in the coming years.

We use a holistic model of healing to work with expanded states, including those induced by psychedelics. Our approach weaves together indigenous healing practices, informed by decades of apprenticeship with a Mazatec lineage, with contemporary psychotherapeutic modalities that fall under the umbrella of transpersonal psychology. Departing from the standard definition of PAT, CCM relies on a somatically informed, community informed, and non-dogmatic spiritually informed, approach to mental health and wellness. This means we screen for additional aspects of someone’s experience, support the client in ways that are informed by our lineage of indigenous wisdom, and take a very particular CCM developed approach to integration that we believe stewards deeper and sustained change and growth for the client.

CCM’s founders have been working directly with clients ingesting psychedelics in Mexico (in a legal context) and holding the psychotherapeutic process surrounding the use of psychedelics for 35 years. An incredible amount of knowledge has been cultivated through these decades of experience. The indigenous framework deeply informs the holistic way in which we work with clients, as does the body of wisdom coming out of the field of psychotherapy. CCM upholds rigorous psychotherapeutic training standards emphasizing the value of thorough preparation and integration as critical components of the psychedelic experience.

CCM was co-founded by a group of individuals who have invested decades of study and apprenticeship with psychedelic healing practices including a specific Mazatec lineage in Huautla de Jiménez. With their blessing, these practices are being transmitted with the goal of greater access for all, personal, collective, and environmental health. In 2018 School of Consciousness Medicine was founded to provide programs to transmit this knowledge to those it resonates with to carry it forth and serve others.

To be in active service to the birth of a new societal paradigm. To train psychedelic guides who support a future that centers interconnectedness and balance. CCM fosters a belief that it is everyone's birthright to know one’s goodness, to love oneself, to be loved, and to live in overall safety and peace. CCM seeks to participate in a global consciousness shift through expertise in respectful engagement with psychedelics combined with indigenous wisdom and contemporary psychotherapeutic knowledge.

CCM take seriously the ongoing process of liberation and decolonization of the self and society. To that end, we are passionate about equity in our programs and ensure that anyone who is called to this work is welcome and able to participate. We are also engaging organizational practices and supporting our staff to do this most important work as well. All our classroom staff engage a course in group facilitation with awareness of difference. CCM has a diversity council composed of 6 POC who all meet biweekly


If you feel called to participate, please carefully read the information about the program, the commitment you’ll need to make and the eligibility requirements. Once you apply, you will have an interview with our admissions team who will help you determine your readiness.

Program Overview

It is didactic, experiential and embodied. Components are live, online, in peer dynamics and self study. After choosing the program that best meets your needs, you will travel through the program with a cohort. Per Covid 19 protocols we will meet virtually until we can meet in person.

Program Overview

We have three programs to meet you where you are on your path to becoming a guide of expanded states and/or psychedelics

Program Overview

There will be a certification process which will collaboratively evaluate your learning progress throughout the program, and indicate where you may benefit from further support of skill development. Each long format program offers a certification status once someone demonstrates competency in the approach. This may be directly after program completion or after some further practice and skill development. Out of the Fundamental and Professional program, graduates can become Certified CCM guides. Out of the Psychedelic Guide Training Program, graduates can become Certified CCM psychedelic guides.

Yes, you will be placed with a mentor and have gone through a rigorous process of training and observation. Additionally, supervision groups and possible 1:1 supervision, depending on your practice load, will be required to uphold certification.

Yes, core to our stance of being a good guide is continuing to develop your capacity to serve others personally and professionally.

Depending on the program and it’s format. None of our long format course can be done entirely remotely, as we believe some of the approaches we teach need to be taught within an in person format.


CCM does not provide treatment at this time. Starting in 2022 we will begin to provide retreats and 1:1 psychedelic sessions in jurisdictions that allow it, and through our fully owned subsidiary CCMC.

Learn More

We will publish a resource page that provide those seeking treatment with information and contact information to other organizations that provide legal access to what we believe is excellent care in psychedelic medicine.

Ethical Conduct

At this time there is no central credentialing or professional associating for psychedelic medicine. If you practitioner is licensed in their profession they are held to the ethical standard of and regulated by their licensing board. All martials will be published upon completion.

Information will be publicly available for reporting ethical misconduct of a CCM certified guide.


There are ongoing employment opportunities with CCM. Those are listed on our website. We take the values and culture of our organization seriously. If you wish to express interest in a position, please be prepared to spend time engaging with pre- application information and prompts that will be provided.


Yes. CCM is recognized by the IRS as a not for profit- 501c3

Unless otherwise indicated contributions go towards accessibility to our programs and ultimately to well trained guides to provide treatment. A fair living wages for our classroom staff and operational staff. Investing in the growth of CCM, is investing in a future of less suffering individually, socially, and environmentally.

That is what we are committed to. Having an impact. All our efforts go to doing this with integrity and effectiveness. Additionally, as a not- profit we are transparent with our finances.

As we grow we hope to develop the capacity to have volunteers. In the mean time you can read, educate yourself, share what you learn and advocate in your communities for equitable access to safe and effective psychedelic assisted therapy and training.

We accept credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay, and they can be Credit, Corporate, Debit (processed like credit), Prepaid, or Rewards cards. Additionally you can use Apple or Google Pay.

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