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From 35 years of practice, CCM practitioners have collected an immense amount of experiential wisdom and understanding about what sorts of conditions can be successfully treated and the best practices and interventions for long-lasting results. We can share this data and knowledge with the psychedelic research field for the benefit of all.

CCM will undertake research initiatives employing various methods ranging from short-term condition, and condition-intersection focused treatments, to longitudinal studies with regular follow up or reoccurring treatment, to case study data collection and analysis, to medical and clinical research. Our research activities will have a high standard of excellence and demonstrate the evidence for the safety and efficacy of psychedelic healing modalities.

Research Partnership

CCM will also participate in federally approved research studies with value-aligned researchers by providing consultation and excellently trained practitioners to facilitate the psychedelic treatment in their research studies.

If you want to explore a partnership please contact us.

Our Current Research Engagements

Psilocybin to address COVID -19 related
psychological distress

Conducted by the Pacific Treatment & Research in Psychedelics (TRIP) Program at Pacific Neuroscience Institute® in collaboration with Center for Consciousness Medicine

Pilot Study: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Novel Response to Address Psychological Distress in Priority Populations Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic; Bereaved adults, Front-line healthcare workers and first responders, and Adult COVID-19 survivors. The study will be performed at the Pacific Treatment & Research in Psychedelics Clinic in Santa Monica, CA and psilocybin will be requested from the Usona Institute.

Keith Heinzerling MD, Christopher Adrian MD, Francoise Bourzat (CCM), Daniel F. Kelly MD