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We welcome you fellow healers and stewards of change who have chosen a path of service. Maybe you have known hardship, known transformation, and felt the courage on the journey of healing and growth. Maybe now you wish to support others on this courageous journey.

We would like to share with you what we have learned through our lineage.


If you’re looking to improve your life, if you’re curious, if you’re struggling, or if someone you care about needs help, we are here to support you with expertise gained over 35 years of working with psychedelics. We will carefully customize your care to meet your needs, means, and cultural background.

We feel confident we can offer you a meaningful step on your journey of healing and growth.


If you are passionate about innovative research on the potential of expanded states of consciousness for healing and growth with the use of psychedelics, we invite you to collaborate with us. Let’s explore how we can support each other and the larger movement towards the destigmatization of psychedelic healing modalities. We are especially interested in value aligned research partnerships that aim to demonstrate that psychedelic healing facilitated at a high standard of excellence, and with a holistic and therapeutic context, allows for the greatest healing potential.