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Our vision is restored harmony for individuals, society, and earth.

Our mission is to be the leading organization in guiding expanded states of consciousness for human healing and growth, integrating holistic approaches to training, treatment, and research.

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Our Values

Our commitment to service guides us.

We are dedicated to the healing and growth of ourselves and each other. We use the most effective methods to cultivate personal and collective harmony.

We use a holistic approach

Our methods integrate mind, body, spirit, community, and environment with wisdom, creativity, and love in the pursuit of a balanced life sourced in pure Being.

We integrate our lineage with innovation

Both indigenous wisdom and emerging knowledge are essential to address humanity’s most pressing challenges.

We choose love over fear

Love guides us in overcoming any limiting personal or social systems.

We welcome everyone

We serve anyone who can benefit from our approach regardless of means or cultural identity because we are all interconnected.

We walk our talk

We are immersed in our methods as an organization and on our life’s journey.

Ultimately, we surrender and have faith

In choosing to let go of the illusion of control, we have faith in the great unfolding.

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Lineage & Cultural Humility

We recognize that we are a group of people primarily from the dominant culture, who are sharing and benefiting from indigenous knowledge that has been generously shared with us by a group of people who have suffered greatly at the hands of colonialist and imperialist systems from which we currently benefit. We are constantly looking to restore equity and balance. We also acknowledge that we have blindspots and we take seriously uncovering these hidden biases in our curriculum, care model, research, organization, and interpersonal dynamics. This is a continuous practice for our leadership and staff while we are humbly learning, willing to grow, and committed to acting in alignment with our values.


The Psychedelic movement is at an important juncture. Some of the medicines that are at the forefront of the psychedelic for healing revival are chemical (ie-Ketamine, MDMA, LSD), but many are botanical or fungal and are inseparable from their cultural contexts. Present day and historical indigenous cultures have been the stewards of  potent transformational medicines for thousands of years, in some cases much longer. Many people are just waking up to the potential for these medicines and it has thus far, with some exceptions, been a largely extractive and non-reciprocal relationship with these cultures, let alone the earth that sustains them. This posture is harmful and reparations are needed in these instances. As the psychedelic field begins to swell with organizations and companies scaling and systematizing the use of these medicines, reciprocity needs to be scaled and systemized, too.

We are in the process of establishing a collaborative effort with locals of Huautla de Jimenez, the central town for the Mazatec culture. Mazatec people, directly involved with this initiative/program, would coordinate, amongst locals, what would be supportive to their community and articulate in their own voice what the intention of this reciprocity initiative/ program is. With our support, what they determine they need would be procured and implemented. A percentage of CCM’s revenue will be reserved for this program/ initiative and we will encourage others in the psychedelic space working with psilocybin, in it’s biological or synthetic form, to participate as well.

We believe these medicines communicate the very lessons we need to learn. Interconnectedness is one of them. As a psychedelic community, let us not overlook this opportunity for growth and coming into right relationship with the stewards of these medicines and the environment at large.

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Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

 Healing requires relationships grounded in shared life experience and a sense of belonging. We are committed to forming a curriculum, operating as a school, treating clients and measuring our impact to benefit a diverse pool of guides and clients. In the spirit of being an agent for balance we will employ well advised policies and approaches that create equitable and culturally accessible access to what we offer.

We see the work being done by social and environmental justice activists to shine a light on our society’s shadows and bring about much needed change, and we honor the great personal sacrifices many of them have made in this effort. We strive to learn from these movements and align ourselves with their efforts in the way we run our organization. Recent enthusiasm in expanded states of consciousness for healing will lead to increased resources in the field of psychedelic assisted therapy. Here exists the opportunity to direct this energy and resource towards healing containers that reflect and can steward the racial, cultural, social, socioeconomic and environmental restoration our world needs for balance and harmony.

Our Organizations​

An alternative ownership structure will allow us to prioritize our purpose and quality of service, while having a broad impact. We are expanding our team with value aligned individuals wishing to have an impact on effective and accessible healing.