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Collectively we are on the verge of major changes in the space of legal use of psychedelics to aid in healing, as well as heightened demand for such interventions globally. With various psychedelic legalization and decriminalization efforts underway around the world, and with the public's rising interest, the time now to train tens of thousands of guides on how to legally, safely, and effectively support patients through life-changing work with expanded states of consciousness.

Our Ownership Model 

We lead with our values, and the wisdom inherent in psychedelics themselves, by exploring creative options of ownership and governance that depart from standard and non-value aligned ownership models. We are engaging an alternative model that includes a not-for-profit entity for education, research and other charitable purposes, and a for-profit steward owned entity which will be the entity that engages with the psychedelic materials. This will allow us to prioritize our purpose and quality of service, scale and operate with the most flexibility, and ensure that our mission is perpetuated by mission-aligned stewards.

CCM does not engage in activities directly involving psychotropic substances. All activities of CCM and CCMC will be in full compliance with the laws of the U.S. states and foreign jurisdictions in which we operate.

CCM has applied for tax exempt status to be a not for profit organization whose activities will include education, research and other charitable purposes.
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CCMC is a taxable (C-corp) steward owned entity which will provide therapeutic treatment and administers psychotropic substance only. in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions in which it is operating.

No medical treatment or psychotherapy is offered or available during these therapeutic treatments. Mushrooms and these therapeutic activities do not cure or mitigate any physical or mental disease, symptoms, disorders or abnormalities.

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We are expanding our team with value aligned individuals wishing to have an impact on effective and accessible healing.
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Our Commitment to Service Guides Us

We are dedicated to the healing and growth of ourselves and each other. We use the most effective methods to cultivate personal and collective harmony.

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