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Salvador Roquet

Dates lived: – 1994

Salvador Roquet

Bio: Dr. Salvador Roquet was a Mexican pioneer in psychedelic psychotherapy. He began his medical career in the field of public health and later became a psychiatrist; he started to use mind-altering substances as an adjunct to psychotherapy in 1967. He trained psychedelic therapists in his approach and worked with thousands of patients through his method of conducting multiple day “convivials”, with and without the use of psychedelics, employing techniques of increasing sensory stimulation, Gestalt Therapy, psychodrama, expressive art, bioenergetics, Reichian psychotherapy, and other processes. He worked both in Mexico and the US.

Salvador Roquet Lineage

Lineage: Salvador was a friend and student of Maria Sabina. He would come to Huautla as a doctor and bring medicines and treatments to help the towns people. They formed a many year relationship. Salvador trained Pablo Sanchez in the late 1970’s. Francoise and Aharon also assisted Salvador in his “convivials” and learned many skills and approaches from assisting and organizing his work.