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Pablo Sanchez

Dates lived: – 1996

Pablo Sanchez

Bio: He was Mexican and Native American of Pueblo ancestry. During WWII he was in the photographic corp and documented the concentration camps following liberation. What he experienced along with his work on first nations reservations, emphasized his commitment to healing. He became a psychotherapist, social worker, and teacher of Jungian psychology at San Jose State University. He was a political activist in opening access to education for Latinx students, who at the time were segregated at the university.

Pablo Sanchez Lineage

Lineage: He studied closely with and worked with Salvador Roquet, and evolved his own approaches. In the mid 1980’s Aharon and soon after Francoise began to work with him and later became his apprentices. Later in his life he became visually impaired after a tumor removal and Aharon and Francoise helped him carry out his work with clients. He was Aharon and Francoise’s main teacher for many years.