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Aharon Grossbard

Dates lived: 1949- present

Aharon Grossbard

Bio: Israeli born psychologist, explorer and lover of life and consciousness. He has been trained as a clinical psychologist (CIIS) and medicine healer and has been working with clients, teaching, and training nationally and internationally for over 50 years in a holistic approach to healing and growth, integrating western psychology, body awareness, spiritual traditions from the east and west, together with shamanic wisdom and tools.

Aharon Grossbard Lineage

Lineage: Aharon began the relationship with Pablo in 1984 which set Francoise and him on their life trajectories. He apprenticed and studied directly with Salvador, Pablo, Ralph and Julieta. He continues to teach what he’s learned through his time with these masters to students interested in healing and growth through expanded states of consciousness.