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Our Approach

Over the 30+ years of our work, we have found psychedelics to be the most potent, effective, and efficient way of expanding our consciousness and catalyzing growth across the intersections of psychological, biological, and spiritual levels.

Facilitated responsibly, we believe it is the most effective way to support the wide-scale healing – within people, between people, and with our environment – that this world urgently needs.

We believe that the Consciousness Medicine (CM) approach can be a catalyst for this global healing and should be available to all who could benefit from it.

The Center for Consciousness Medicine seeks to be the leading trainer of reputable guides providing an excellent standard of care; and a nexus of industry research that supports the global spread of properly used psychedelic therapy.

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The world needs people who have the qualities of wisdom, creativity, and love as well as skills and tools to guide others in expanding their consciousness for healing and growth. The School of Consciousness Medicine is about teaching people those skills and tools and supporting the development of these qualities together with strength, and leadership to take their role in the world.

Aharon Grossbard

We need more than a psychological understanding of our psyche to truly heal and transform. By keeping an open mind toward the unique needs of people in the modern world, we can respectfully adapt traditional practices and spiritual wisdom to help us in our lives.

Francoise Bourzat

May your curiosity and even your suffering be the fuel for your own commitment to healing and growth.

Francoise Bourzat

We must look in all directions for guidance in reaching the depth of transformation the world is calling for- forward with emerging knowledge, back to ancient wisdom practices, side to side in collaboration with others whose mission it is to steward change, growth, and healing, and finally, within, where the true work must begin within each of us.

Naama Grossbard

Francoise Bouzat is courageously and profoundly dedicated to helping others grow and heal to their full potential using the most effective tools of which she is aware.

Rick Doblin, founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

- excerpt from endorsement for Consciousness Medicine.

Ms. Bourzat has done considerable fieldwork among the indigenous Mazatec people of Mexico, who have a vast history and knowledge of the spiritual and healing properties of psilocybin mushrooms and other psychotropic plants. Having worked closely for many years with these native healers, Ms. Bourzat has acquired considerable insight into these ancient practices that she has transmitted to the many contemporary students and seekers whom she has worked with over the past thirty-five years. Given the increasing interest in the range of effects and applications of psychedelic plants in the modern era, Ms. Bourzat’s knowledge holds great relevance to today’s world.

Charles S. Grob, MD, professor of psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine.

- excerpt from endorsement for Consciousness Medicine.

She [Francoise] not only has the multicultural training and a deep and real connection with indigenous traditional healing techniques, but she has for decades applied, tested, and extended these techniques, specifically for the training of Western therapists.

James Fadiman, PhD, author of The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: Safe, Therapeutic and Sacred Journeys.

- excerpt from endorsement for Consciousness Medicine.

With over 20 years of intensive work and a long-standing relationship with a lineage of Mazatec healers in Mexico – and with their permission – we have integrated the wisdom of their indigenous tradition with knowledge from Eurocentric cultures.

We do not lay claim to discovering expanded states of healing. What we are pioneering is this integrated approach that addresses the particular suffering born of our current culture.

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We see ourselves as allies to indigenous cultures who have developed and practiced healing with the use of expanded states of consciousness for thousands of years.


The Holistic Model for a Balanced Life™

Is a road map that guides us at every step of our approach, from preparing for an expanded state of consciousness experience, to guiding and/or participating in it, to integrating these new states of consciousness into our everyday lives in a way that supports lasting change. The Holistic Model considers life to have five aspects - mind, body, spirit, environment, and community - and three qualities that infuse those aspects - wisdom, creativity, and love. The entire system is permeated with pure, consciousness, or Being. The development of each of the aspects, as well as balancing the relationships between them, is the work of every person seeking to heal, to grow, and to thrive.

This model, as it relates to expanded states of consciousness, is the thesis of the book titled Consciousness Medicine: Indigenous Wisdom, Entheogens, and expanded States of Consciousness of Healing and Growth co-authored by Francoise Bourzat.

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We welcome everyone

We serve anyone who can safely benefit from our approach regardless of means or cultural identity because we are all interconnected.

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